Violinist Andrea Nikolić has established herself as one of the most interesting and versatile artist of her generation, being reviewed as a “young violinist of mature musicality and imagination, superior technique and a heartwarming sound”.
Born in Vareš, Bosnia and Herzegovina, she grew up in Varaždin, Croatia and has found her artistic base in the “centre of classical music” – Vienna, Austria. Performing both on period and modern instruments (violin and viola), her interests and repertoire include works from early baroque period to contemporary music and jazz. Devoted to deeply artistic and emotionally honest interpretations, she is wholeheartedly exploring a diversity of musical styles, genres and approaches to bring classical music closer to the wider audiences and make it accessible and understandable to everyone. Active as a soloist, recitalist, chamber and orchestral musician and enthusiastic leader / concertmaster, since 2013 she is an artistic director, as well as a co-founder, of VaClaF: Vareš Classic Festival – International Chamber Music Festival in Bosnia and Herzegovina and a leader & artistic director of Vienna – based WISE: Wien – International Soloists Ensemble. As a passionate arts and education ambassador, she is as well active as a pedagogue and devoted to socially engaging and humanitarian work. Languages and literature being another of her passions, Andrea speaks six languages and is constantly aspiring to learn more.

Concerts & Projects

Passionately leading and combining projects, from soloist and chamber music to orchestral and pedagogic work, Andrea’s goal is to communicate the Art and the Music to a broad and diverse audience in a personal and authentic way. To her it is important to make it socially significant and artistically engaging, always striving to excellence.
Being a devoted commissioner or new pieces and promoter of young composers and new music, she fulfilled her work through the artistic leadership of the VaClaF: Vareš Classic Festival and the WISE: Wien – International Soloists Ensemble. With both of these projects of her own, which she is leading since 2013, she is trying to push the (sometimes very different!) boundaries of the (not only) classical music world. VaClaF became a festival of international significance for the state in 2015.  
Duo and trio concerts and interdisciplinary recitals are her great passion. She is always happy to appear as a guest – leader / concertmaster of various ensembles and orchestras. Allowing her repertoire to grow but as well to mature, she finds an endless inspiration in the works of J. S. Bach, but as well in the traditional music of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, cherishing her origin. Here are concert suggestions from the different  fields for the coming season. Andrea takes pride in having a broad repertoire always ready, being a quick learner on top of it – always gladly “jumping in” on a short notice. The final programming decision is, however, left to the discretion of the artist.


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